Duct Cleaning

Service Team of Professionals has been providing duct cleaning services in Port St Lucie Florida where the heat and humidity are always high in the summer months. We have learned that the ceiling vents closest to your air handler will quite often build up moisture and sweat. This is where the coldest air escapes to meet the ceiling heat. You will often see droplets of water on these vents. This is especially true with the metal vents that hold the cold temperature better than the plastic vents. In these situations, it is always preferable to have plastic vents. If you have a popcorn ceiling and the vent cannot seal against the ceiling, letting air escape the sides is the most common reason for mold. The wet moisture will seep into your ceiling sheetrock and capture any dust particles that are floating around or traveling through your ductwork. These are all a protein which makes it a perfect scenario for mold to start. It will bubble and feed off the paint when growing into the sheetrock. You cannot wipe it off completely and the sheetrock will need to be removed. The best prevention is to make sure these vents are wide open and non-metallic.

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