Mold Clean-Up - Hull of Boat

Mold clean-up in the Hull of your boat is common in FL. We often get calls to clean-up mold in the boats cabin or hull from high humidity. This can be caused by rain leaking into the cabin, a bilge pump that didn’t function or many other factors that lead to high humidity inside the cabin. The mold usually starts on the ceiling and works it way down to the furniture and interior cabinets. Cleaning the mold inside your hull or cabin of the boat can be very time consuming and the cabin must be properly dried at the same time with dehumidification. The mold can be removed from the hard surfaces of the boat. The cushions in the Hull can be cleaned depending on the severity of the mold and type of cushion. We are located in martin county FL. If your boat has mold damage in the hull, cabin or anyplace on your boat give us a call. 772-233-9089 visit our website at