Posts from February, 2018

  • Have you checked your Attic lately? As we walk through our basement a bunch of times a day/week, we can use our senses to follow any trail of potential MOLD issues. We can hear/see a WATER leak. We can notice MOISTURE / CONDENSATION on the wall, or we (sadly) have walked into a FLOODED basement. Hardly a ... Continue Reading
  • Mold In Your Basement? Detecting and riding your basement of mold is a formidable task. You often wonder, how does MOLD get in the house anyway? What causes MOLD? Well, there are some reasonable terms that most people understand, like: WATER LEAKS, LEAKY ROOFS, HUMIDITY...but what about the ... Continue Reading
  • How a Wet Basement goes from Moisture to Mold How do I get mold from my wet basement? A wet basement here in the Springfield area is not uncommon. From frozen pipes, foundational cracks, sewer drain backups, water heaters failing, to refrigerator/dishwashers leaking, we get all these issues in our homes all the time. ... Continue Reading