A famous quote from a little yellow friend said, " I smell the smelly smell of something that smells smelly."- Spongebob. ODOR, SMELLY, STENCH, STINK....WOW, what is that SMELL????

How many times do we profess these words or thoughts?? From burnt fish or chicken, to the dead animal inside or out, or even the pets you love so dearly....these along with many more can wreak havoc with your sense of smell.

What are ODORS, and how do we perceive them? The receptor cells in our bodies are all perceived a bit differently. What might be pleasing to one might be offensive to another- think vinegar!! As a professional RESTORATION contractor, and business owner to boot, it is our responsibility to investigate what the customer perceives, and understand the science behind the odor which will help in locating the source, and to provide the proper steps to eliminate the ODOR.

Every aspect of what a good RESTORATION CONTRACTOR does, is "ask questions and investigate." The work were hired to do in this industry almost always has a ODOR-related issue. FIRE DAMAGE...there's no way to get around ODOR when one has this type of loss. The burning of chemically-enhanced materials like mattresses, or PVC plumbing, both render off ODORS that are unseen. WATER DAMAGE....even though the structure may be dried to standard, simply omitting to use a proper disinfectant can make a complete job, incomplete.

SMOKE DAMAGE....have you ever had/experienced a small PROTEIN FIRE?? Grandma Mary's famous fried chicken won't be received openly again if you've had a PROTEIN FIRE from that once cherished recipe. How about MOLD DAMAGE? Just about anyone here who's spent anytime in the family basement has received that well-remembered ODOR of MOLD/MUSTY SMELL. Lets not forget the ones we all love tremendously, our pets!! PET ODOR comes in a couple forms. Whether they were confronted by old Mr Pepe Le pew, or decided to mark their territory in some undiscovered spot in the house, it doesn't take long for that PET ODOR to make its way into one's receptors senses.

We here at STOP Restoration SpringfieldĀ received a call last year. We had been hired the year before for the WATER LOSS they had in their kitchen. To top it off, they also hired us to REMODEL their kitchen to boot. It was safe to say that the couple had full faith and trust in our professionalism. Anyway, they called back for another problem. They had to sell their home, but were forced to take it off the market due to the ODOR coming from within the basement area. After doing some investigating, we found multiple places using a black light where Sylvester the cat decided to leave his mark. We formulated a plan of attack, and submitted a fair estimate. After our work authorization was completed, we demo'd out the carpet and pad. Threw away all the baseboard, and cut 4 ft up the wall, and removed the drywall. We used shellac on every footer, and 2-3 ft up every stud, then sealed the cement floor before putting everything back with fresh paint.

I received a call a few weeks later from the client (crying). He stated how thankful (again) that he used us for his PROPERTY DAMAGE due to PET ODOR, and that they sold the house after only 2 days being back on the market.

There are several ways in each category for REMOVING ODOR from your property, but the true test of a contractors worth is investigating the source, and making sure "YOU" have all your concerns heard. FIRE, WATER, SMOKE, MOLD, or PET ODOR can be masked, but if not professionally done, can come back. Our experience and knowledgeable staff are always available for any questions you may have. If you have an ODOR problem, put a S.T.O.P to it!