How much does mold remediation cost?

This is the million dollar question, as not all mold remediation jobs are the same. Here in Springfield, the remediation of mold is NOT REGULATED, and in very few cases, it's not covered by your insurance company. We here at STOP Restoration have done anywhere's from a $1,250, to $18,780 mold remediation jobs, so they do vary in costs

Lets start from scratch shall we? The only way to have a mold problem, is to have a moisture problem. The longer the moisture issue is in effect, the more the potential for mold to grow increases. This is where it gets interesting. Just because you can see a small area of mold, or can detect a musty odor of something foul, doesn't mean it starts or even ends there. There's mold you can see, and mold you cannot.

The first item you want to cross off your list, is to either hire a "Certified Industrial Hygienist" (CIH) to take air and substrate ( the surface or materials from which organisms can grow) samples, have it analyzed, and write up a report as to the spore count (quantitative), and type(s) of spores found (qualitative). This mold inspection and report can range in price, but regardless of that, it should be done by an independent agency, and NOT by the company that does the remediation. Now where STOP Restoration comes in ...

Once the report has been established, you want to make sure that the company you hire asks if you have had a test done, and whether the CIH has a protocol list written? The protocol list is the recommended step by step process of how the mold should be removed. This list is crucial in effectively removing the mold from your structure. Both the CIH, as well as the remediator should be on the same page. To ethically and effectively remove mold (as stated above) can be simple, to a bit more complex, but here at STOP Restoration, our trained professionals can handle both ends of this broad spectrum.

Once the mold has been removed, thee most crucial process of remediating mold is having a "post test" performed. The Certified Hygienist YOU have hired, will come back and take a final sample of the air and substrate to verify that the remediator used their methods to industry standard. Once cleared, then you're free to breathe a sigh of relief (no pun intended) that the mold issue has been resolved.

Here at STOP Restoration, we always have a sit down with our clients, and discuss our systems-based process(es) in how we run a mold remediation project. Once the above steps have been taken, then we can properly and ethically write up an estimate that will ensure you that your structure is properly handled. We at STOP Restoration go above and beyond to treat your mold remediation projects, as if they were our own. We never guarantee or state we're the cheapest, but we do claim to ne the most efficient and proficient remediation company in the region.