Cleaning is the backbone of restoration

Whether you have a water loss, fire damage, smokey film or smell...or mold damage in you residence or place of business, S.T.O.P. Restoration understands the plight of the property owner. How can we restore our structure back to pre-loss condition?

Lets simplify everything regarding water, fire, mold, or smoke damage. The crux of the matter is all about cleaning. Whether your wet from water, or the soot is everywhere from a fire. Even the smoke damage/ odor is burdensome from the smell that's been omitted from grandma's fried chicken recipe you've tried to recreate. Maybe the water leak/moisture damage that's long been going on in your basement or attic has such a foul odor, that you don't know where to start?

Lets start with the simplicity of cleaning. Every job we've ever performed, has had the task of cleaning. Of the hundreds of water losses, to the fires, or even simple smoke damage, we always remember that cleaning up the damage is like using a washing machine. A washing machine cleans your clothes by using what we call here at STOP Restoration in Springfield; T.A.C.T

TACT stands for Temperature, Agitation, Cleaning solution, and Time. If you put these things together, you can clean anything back to pre-loss condition.

Whether your structure has water damage (Time). Fire damage (Agitation and Cleaning solution). Smoke damage (Temperature, Agitation, Cleaning solution and Time), or lastly, the pesky mold issues (all of TACT), the damage can be cleaned by the professional restorers at STOP Restoration inĀ Springfield.

When we take the basic principles of restoring back to cleaning, our goal is always "Job Done Right the First Time.