The stress of winter’s cold, wet, and relentless wrath can cause serious damages to your home here in the Uintah Basin. Broken hose bibs, sprinkler systems, swamp coolers, and leaking roofs caused ice dams are the most common sources for damages caused by old man winter. A lot of times causing damages for long periods of time before you notice there is even an issue. Small leaks can be the most detrimental to your home! A small roof leak caused by ice dam damage can potentially weaken your roof, ruin your insulation, cause damages to your ceiling drywall, and grow harmful mold. Ice dams can form on any roof, new and old, and even metal roofs. The best way to prevent an ice dam is to remove the snow shortly after big storms. Properly insulating your attic and installing heat tape are other ways of ice dam prevention. Roof leaks can also be caused by wind. Strong winds can lift shingles causing less protection from the elements, and every time it rains you will have wet drywall. Call Service Team for your free inspection at 435-789-0252

Sprinkler system leaks can be hard detect and can be devastating to your home very quickly. Water leaks from your sprinkler system can cause the water table to rise and slowly seep into your foundation. Mold/microbial growth can start to grow and feed on porous materials causing the structure to slowly deteriorate. Make sure to test your sprinkling system and have a professional company winterize it. Small leaks can quickly turn in to large leaks, so when going on vacation or leaving you property for periods of time, have some check on it. Getting wet is not what causes the damage, staying wet is when damages occur.

Winterizing and prepping your home for winter will help prevent water leaks, but it will not guarantee it. Know who to call can help prevent more damage and can give you peace of mind. Service Team of Professionals in Vernal, Utah can be your “Calm after the Storm” at 435-789-0252. Have a question about a small water leak, wet drywall, mold, or a roof leak? STOP can help! One of our Team members can answer your question or can come do a free inspection. Service Team can even help determine if you need to file an insurance claim. Don’t let Winter Havoc stress you, STOP is only a phone call away! 435-789-0252