Prevention is the best medicine. If you’re looking to keep your Wichita, KS home safe and sound, preventing water damage, therefore, the chance of mold contamination.

1. Maintaining the Sump Pump

In basements and other areas, sump pumps are relied upon to drain any water that may accumulate. Often times, flooding occurs when this pump fails. Even if maintained regularly, replacement of sump pumps is recommended every eight years. The best plan to solve water damage problems is to prevent flooding from happening. Keep an eye on where the sump pump is depositing the water as well. If the outlet is too close to the foundation, or if the ground does not have positive grade away from the foundation, the water may simply follow the same path, and re-flood the house.

2. Keeping Your Appliances Well Maintained

Certain appliances can be responsible for causing water damage too, but it can be more subtle than flooding. Oftentimes, dishwashers and washers may spring a leak or have a damaged pipe that would cause slow, yet steady seepage of water. With this in mind, you should always get your appliances checked in order to ensure there are no hidden leaks or collection of moisture.

3. Knowing Where the Main Water Supply Is

Knowing where the main water supply is can help you minimize flooding as soon you notice a leak in your water pipelines. Turning off the supply of water to your house is the best idea of all to help mitigate water damage. This helps to ensure no further damage occurs until the failed plumbing is fixed. While it seems like a minor detail, you would be surprised with how many people do not know how to turn off their water “main” and end up with extensive water damage in their homes.

4. Plan for Evacuation

You should have safety precautions in mind to exit your house in case you ever have to deal with a flood. Water and electricity do not mix, so do not enter an entirely flooded house, ever. If a dry path leads to your fuse box or circuit panel, we recommend a licensed electrical contractor be called to turn off your electricity. This ensures you do not end up with a fatal accident involving electricity.

5. Calling the Professionals

Service Team of Professionals is available in case of an emergency. STOP of Wichita, offers their services on a 24/7 basis. This ensures that in case of an emergency, you always have great help available. Water damage can’t always be prevented, but honest water damage dry-out services are available from Maize to Wichita to Haysville from Service Team of Professionals.
If you are looking for professional water damage repair services, you can give us a call at(316) 227-1698 to get our team at your service. Our team of professionals is skilled at assessing the extent of the water damage. Following IICRC standards, you’ll know your house is in great hands.