It’s that time of year again where Spring brings showers and showers can often bring intrusive water to our homes. When your home is experiencing flooding or leakage, don’t worry, relax and give Service Team of Professionals (S.T.O.P. Restoration of Wichita) a call at 316-304-7717. It’s not as bad as it might appear to be.

Let our trained professionals resolve your water issues with 24-hour availability and top-notched equipment to include water extractors, fans and dehumidifiers.

Carpet soaked? Not a problem . . . We can handle it, but the first thing YOU should do is turn off your water main or eliminate the source of the water.

Just remember that with water leaks and flooding, you must act quickly. Call S.T.O.P. and this is what we will do for you:

*Eliminate the source of the intrusive water. For example, if you have a busted pipe, turn off your water main and assist with repairing the pipe.

*Pull back wet carpeting & immediately start the drying process by extraction of water.

*Remove base boards and start drying walls or remove, depending on damage.

*Place dehumidifiers and fans to expedite the drying process.

*Visually check for mold. If found, treat with antimicrobial solutions immediately.

When you call S.T.O.P. you can rest assure that we are here to help get you through your crisis with a prompt response, quality workmanship and systematic communication. We understand that your life has been turned upside down and promise to make it as easy as possible. Our goal is to reduce your stress.

No matter how severe the damage, no matter how great the loss, S.T.O.P. Restoration of Wichita can resolve your water-related issues. In extreme cases, we offer pack out services to protect your valuables and should your electronics become wet, we offer appliance cleaning and repair. That’s right, in some cases, wet electronics can be saved, but the key is to respond as quickly as possible.

Call Service Team of Professionals at 316-304-7717, and allow us to help you put your life back together again. We service Wichita as well as all of Sedgwick County and can be at your doorsteps to assist you within the hour. We also travel to parts of Butler, Harvey and Reno Counties.