“There is black mold in my house.” But is mold dangerous? The truth is, there are many kinds of mold and mildew. Some are very mild and have virtually little ability to harm you. But there are also a number of molds that you really don’t want to invite to dinner.

Scott Shearrow, owner of Southern Wisconsin water damage and mold remediation franchise, Service Team of Professionals (“STOP”), share “People talk of ‘black mold.’ Well, there is no such thing, as far as scientists and hygienists are concerned. There are molds that are black, but there is not a hands-down connection between black mold and dangerous mold.” Apparently, in identifying nearly a thousand species of mold found in the U.S., we have to get a bit more scientific than “black mold.” Most agree that a species of mold called Stachybotrys chartarum usually wins the nickname “black mold.”

Service Team of Professionals does not blow a loud siren on every mold job they are called out to inspect. In most smaller contaminations, mold remediation services can be performed with little fanfare, usually for a few hundred dollars, rarely more than a thousand. Real estate agents will often refer a mold removal company (also called mold remediation) when a home inspector finds mold when the sale of a house is concerned.

STOP can inspect any mold situation you may have in your home and help you decide if further testing should be performed before spending huge money on remediation. There is no charge for a preliminary “look-see.” In Southern Wisconsin, Scott will be happy to give you a free estimate when possible and his advice to insure a safe home and indoor environment for you and your family.

Mold is serious when of a certain type/strain. “Stachy” and aspergillus are two molds you want to get rid of. Stachy is a black mold while Aspergillus is usually yellow-green. Unfortunately, these molds are fairly common where poor quality water damage restoration has been performed.

Poor grading around houses and cracked foundations can also cause water intrusion and subsequent mold damage in homes and buildings. A leaky or cracked foundation compounds the issue of water intrusion. A foundation leak can slowly moisturize the wall studs and drywall. This creates the perfect environment for mold to grow.

Leaky pipes in walls can also be the cause of water damage and mold damage. Mold removal is highly recommended to prevent the spread of the mold contamination.

STOP also provides full service restoration including water damage (water extraction, drying, and repair), smoke odor and fire damage repair. And STOP offers emergency service 24/7/365. Give Scott Shearrow a call when there is black mold (or any other color mold) in your house or office for prompt, courteous service , mold remediation and restoration… done right the first time.