At S.T.O.P. Restoration we utilize systematic processes for dealing with all disaster events. Whether it be a water damage, fire damage or smoke damage, we are going to take care of the homeowner’s needs by restoring their home to the way it was before the water, fire or smoke damage occurred. Understandably, the homeowner is often upset about what’s happened. It is my priority to make the homeowner comfortable and to assure them that they are working with the most competent efficient restoration service in the region.

Next we are going to discuss with the homeowner about what’s most important to them. In some situations, the most important thing to the homeowner is not the fire damage or water damage, but moving and protecting sentimental items that have been unfortunately compromised in the event. Once it’s determined how safe the area is, we will help the homeowner secure the items prior to beginning the restoration process. Often that involves removing the smoke residue from knick-knacks. Sometimes it means sending an oriental rug for professional cleaning. Every situation is different, but the process of restoring the home and contents is always handled in a systematic manner.

Then we are going to inspect the damaged area. We will take measurements with instruments that detect the level of moisture in the construction as well as in the air. We will take pictures and document the damaged areas. We will look at the structure to make sure it is not compromised to ensure it is safe to work and live in while the restoration process proceeds. We will inspect the areas above and below the damaged space. If the water damage started in a 1st floor bathroom we will evaluate what damage occurred in the basement or crawl space. If the fire started in the kitchen, we will inspect all the surrounding rooms, as well as, the basement or crawl space in order to determine the extent of the fire damage. We will also evaluate the surrounding rooms and 2nd floor to determine the extent of the smoke damage to contents and walls.

Finally, we will create an estimate and a plan defining what work must be accomplished to restore the home. We will work with the homeowner and the insurance adjuster to make sure the home is restored to appropriate building codes and to the homeowner’s expectations.
At S.T.O.P. Restoration we are committed to open and honest communication with all involved parties. We are confident that our systems and processes will demonstrate to all that they have chosen the right restoration company and that they will be taken care of.