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Learning Restoration Franchise Industry Terminology

If you’re not familiar with the restoration process, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when you find yourself facing damages. Things move quickly in this industry; they must so that recovery can begin, and you can salvage more possessions. So, we created this guide to help make things less stressful – you can always reference it when you’re unsure of something.

Restoration Definitions A-M



An addition to a written agreement, typically in the form of a contract change.

Additional Living Expense

A portion of the homeowners' insurance policy covering temporary shelter during restoration.


Investigating or negotiating insurance loss to determine the amount paid in the settlement.

Available Match

When materials are irreparable, an available match is a reference to the closest substitution.



Improvement that exceeds the original quality, adding property value.


A biological agent that presents a risk or potential health risk to humans or the environment.

Black Water

Highly contaminated, unsanitary water that is also known as Category 3 water.

Building Code

Rules and regulations administered by local or state authorities covering design, construction, and repair of buildings.

Building Permit

Written authorization to proceed with a project’s construction that meets building codes.



Council of American Building Officials.

Category of Water

The range of contamination in water from Category 1 through 3, with 1 being sanitary/clean water.

Climate-Controlled Storage

A facility where the temperature and humidity maintain a stable level for safe storage of contents.


Personal property and possessions, separate from the structure of a building itself.

Contents Manipulation

Handling, moving, and positioning of personal property during the renovation or repairs process.



Removal of moisture (water vapor) from the air.

Demolition (Demo)

Dismantling a building in preparation for repairs or renovation.


To eradicate an unpleasant odor.


The amount an item decreases in value over time from age, wear and tear, or other departure from good condition.


Electrical Fire

A fire originating from wiring or electrical device.

Emergency Response

Rapid response to act for services in relation to fire or another disaster.


Environmental Protection Agency.


Factory Match

An exact manufacturer replacement.

Fair Market Value

The price of an item between buyer and seller agreed upon with no pressure to complete the transaction.


Gray Water

Water that contains enough contaminants to potentially cause illness if exposed to humans, also known as Category 2 water.

Grease Fire

A fire caused by cooking oil that becomes too hot.


Hazardous Substance

A chemical or other substance that is harmful to human health or the environment.

HEPA Filter

High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter that can trap at least 99.7% of airborne particulates 0.3 microns or larger.

Hidden Damages

Damage that is not immediately visible on the surface but can be found during or after construction of repairs.


Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning.


Latent Damages

Another term for hidden damages.


The obligation to pay money for injury or damages caused by negligence or prohibited actions.

Line Item

A component listed as an individual entry in a work specification or scope of work.



Routine upkeep of property, facilities, and appliances.


Refers to certain kinds of mold that are typically white, gray, or yellow.


The act of protecting structural components and possessions to prevent damages from worsening.


A form of fungi that are naturally occurring in nature but that can cause problems with health to inhabitants and weaken structures.

Now that you’ve got all these definitions and you’re that much more knowledgeable about the industry, don’t forget to register for some upcoming restoration conferences! It’s time to showcase what you know. And stay tuned for the second half (N-Z) of our restoration terms, coming out before your next event.

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