• photo of a tech named Jon Jon Senior Restoration Technician
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    Senior Restoration Technician

    Jon likes outdoor activities like camping, shooting, hiking with his wife and son. Other family includes 3 brothers and a sister. At home, he likes to relax with his 2 cats. He started in demolition shortly after high school and has gone "back and forth between building structures and breaking them down."

  • Photo of a employee named Damon Damon Marketing Specialist
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    Marketing Specialist

    Damon loves the outdoors including hunting with his dad and two hunting dogs, "Seven" and "Valkyrie," fishing and hiking. He also enjoys golf, reading, cooking with his mom and swing dancing with his girlfriend. He loves spending time with his two teenage daughters. Previously he spent time as a fleet manager for long-haul truck drivers before marketing in the healthcare industry.

  • photo of the owner, Roxie the cat. Roxie Pest Control Specialist
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    Pest Control Specialist

    Roxie is the pest control specialist at STOP Restoration Spokane. She enjoys drinking directly from the faucet, chasing toys, and ensuring the overall cleanliness of the shop. She loves to cuddle with her STOP Family and eating!

  • Rebekah - Owner Rebekah Owner
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    Rebekah enjoys reading, camping, hiking and anything on the water as well as watching her kids do their hobbies including softball, football and playing the cello. She has a degree in horticulture but has enjoyed growing a crop of 5 children for the past 17 years. She and her family love playing with their 2 cats, 2 dogs and 5 chickens. Together with her husband, Wyatt, she has owned the Service Team of Professionals franchise in Spokane since 2015.

  • photo of Kaitlyn Kaitlyn Contents Specialist
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    Contents Specialist

    Kaitlyn is Wyatt and Rebekah's oldest child. She enjoys anything in nature, with sunsets being a personal favorite. She loves learning about and raising animals. When she has free time, she spends it with her family and her friends. She is raising Babe, a mamma pig, Moe, a steer that she is raising for next year's fair, and also has a beta fish named Bubba in addition to the rest of the family pets. She works both here and as a host at a restaurant here in town...after finishing all her homework of course!

  • photo of wyatt, owner Wyatt Owner
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    Wyatt enjoys fishing, restoring vehicles and spending time outdoors with his wife and 5 children whom he adores. The family enjoys playing with their 2 dogs and 2 cats. He decided to leave his job as a newspaper executive and start Service Team of Professionals 6 years ago when he realized he wanted to do something he loved. What he loves most about running STOP Restoration is it gives him the opportunity to both provide for his family and do it in a meaningful way that is helpful to his community.

  • team photo marissa Marissa Office Manager
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    Office Manager

    Marisa landed in Spokane after spending the previous years in Texas and Arizona. She enjoys Zumba, hiking, and reading. She also enjoys community service with her husband. After 14 years of marriage, they share 3 children and two dogs, Tiki and Oreo. To the team, she brings 10 years experience as a financial controller within the construction and investment industries.