The Hazards of Mold in Workplaces

The Hazards of Mold in Workplaces

As long as there is water or moisture, an organic source and oxygen available, the area can be a viable breeding ground for mold. Therefore, mold can practically grow everywhere and offices are no different. Exposure to indoor mold can have debilitating health impacts. Research has linked mold exposure to a number of health conditions such as respiratory problems, hypersensitivity, respiratory infections, and even asthma. Therefore, mold in the workplace cannot be taken lightly. You should keep an eye out for signs of mold, especially if your workplace has high levels of humidity or has been exposed to water damage recently.

Managers and supervisors should be quick to respond to employees if they ever report any signs of mold infections, and a comprehensive response system for moldy odors, leaks, and dampness should be well in place.

There are a number of ways mold can affect the workplace. Here, we’ll be talking about a few of them:

The Effects of Mold

What use is a workplace without healthy and productive workers? The mold problem with its negative impact on the human health can wreak havoc for a workplace.

Itchy or Irritated Eyes

Inhaling little mold spores can get your eyes irritated, red, and watery even if you’re not particularly allergic to it.

Respiratory Illness

Mold can lead to respiratory restrictions and breathing problems. This might be even more of a problem for people with weak immune systems.

Intensifies Allergy Symptoms

Those with allergies are more likely to be affected as mold spores travel through the nasal cavity and intensify allergy symptoms leading to coughing, wheezing, or rashes and bumps. Estimates suggest that 50 million people across the US are affected by nasal allergies.

May Lead to Asthma

Studies such as the European Respiratory Review have shown a link between extended exposure to mold and the development of asthma along with other respiratory restrictions.

The Impact on the Workplace

The presence of mold will not only impact the productivity levels of employees, but will also translate into inevitable decrease in the company’s profits. Additionally, the bad name a mold problem will give the company will be detrimental to their ability to attract and retain good staff. Furthermore, mold affects the looks and the ambiance of the workplace, and in case of wooden framed buildings, it may even threaten the structural integrity of the place.

Workplace environment laws and worker protection laws mandate workplaces to be safe and secure for the workers. This could even result in potential law suits if the company fails to take action on time.

All in all, the mold problem can be an elusive one and can have debilitating impacts on the workplace if it is not dealt with in a timely manner. If you ever suspect any sign of mold in your commercial or residential property in Fort Worth, Texas, STOP is just a call away. Call 682.703.0213 and acquire professional mold remediation and restoration services in no time.