Tips for Claiming Water Damage Insurance

Any time you’re met with a water damage scenario, you might be satisfied with the knowledge that your homeowner's insurance will cover the damage. However, things may not be as simple as you’d like to imagine. Although in principle, most homeowners are covered for water damages, it is in the insurance companies’ interests to keep the amount of your claim to a minimum. Therefore, you should know of some really useful tips that can help you maximize your water damage insurance claim after your home has sustained water damage.

·Limit the Damage by Calling a Professional

Whenever you have a water damage situation at hand, you should try to minimize the extent of the damage. Call a professional service like STOP Restoration right away and do not any waste time in trying to contain the situation. If you waste time and delay in calling a professional, the insurance companies will exercise their right to reject your claim on the basis that you didn’t take the necessary measures to limit the damage.

·Gather Evidence

The insurance companies will require evidence of the damage that your home has sustained to be able to assess your insurance claim. This shouldn’t be a problem in the age of smartphones. Take pictures of all the damage and comprehensively cover the damaged area. You may even collect video evidence of it. Furthermore, capture the source of water damage on your camera as well; things such as a leaky roof or a burst pipe, etc. to make your case stronger.

·Review Your Insurance Policy

Go through the declaration page of your homeowner’s or renter’s policy to find out what exactly is covered and what’s not. You’ll find important information here about the water damage coverage, exclusions, and limitations of your insurance policy.

·Report It

Once you have contained the water damage and collected the necessary evidence, you should immediately contact the insurance company to report it. Not doing so on time may put your insurance claim in jeopardy. Even if you’re unsure whether your policy covers it or not, you should still make a claim anyway. The company can always let you know for sure if you’re not covered. There’s no harm in trying.

·Do Not Use Their Vendors

The insurance company will encourage you to use their vendors but don’t do so. These vendors are generally on the insurance company’s payroll or get most of their work through them. They might be motivated to minimize your insurance claim and not report the true extent of the damage. Therefore, choose your own vendor to provide all the rightfully required repairs.

Do keep the above tips in mind whenever you have to file a water damage insurance claim as these tips will help you maximize your claim. If you ever happen to find yourself in the middle of a water damage situation anywhere in Fort Worth, Texas, or the adjoining areas of Benbrook, Arlington or Burleson, etc., give STOP Restoration a call on 682-703-0213 to acquire our professional services in no time.