The Myths Surrounding Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common types of damage that your property will sustain. However, many house owners are not exactly aware of the reality of it. Let’s go over and dispel some of the commonly held water damage myths and misconceptions.

1.Water Damage Restoration Is a DIY Job

Many homeowners tend to be of the view that water damage restoration is almost always a DIY job. You may let your inner handyman take over and deal with the damage yourself in a few situations, but in the majority of cases, water damage restoration requires professional assistance. Water’s ability to seep into places that you don’t even know exist in your house should not be taken lightly.

It can cause structural damage to your property by making its way into cracks. The damage thus caused will be elusive and will only manifest over time in the form of discoloration stains and unstable flooring. Furthermore, it can seep under the flooring and stay inside the walls even after you’ve done a great DIY cleanup job. It is wise to acquire the services of a thoroughly professional restoration service provider such as STOP Restoration early on in the process.

2.My Insurance Won’t Cover It

Another myth that prevails is related to water damage insurance. Many homeowners mistakenly believe that a small encounter with water damage such as a small flood or a broken pipe is not covered by the insurance company and that they must bear all the cleanup and damage repair costs. However, the truth is that homeowner’s insurance covers almost all of these damages in most cases.

3.The Water Will Dry By Itself

Whenever there has been water damage in a property, it will take meticulous efforts, mostly professional, to deal with this damage correctly. Water damage restoration is not just about removing water from the premises. It follows a long procedure that ensures that the water damaged area is not only dry and dehumidified, but there are no remnants left of the damage that will go on to cause mold growth or structural damage to the property in the future. So, no! The water will not dry itself, and it’s not that simple to get rid of it. It will take the diligent efforts of the best water damage restoration service in the areas around Benbrook, Arlington, Burleson or North Richland Hills. STOP Restoration should be the designated choice.

4.It Won’t Stink

Water can seep into floor and walls if the restoration process has not been carried out thoroughly (read professionally). When that happens, mold growth over time is almost inevitable. Besides the odor and nasty smell, it exposes your household to some serious health risks.

Skin irritations, coughing, allergy symptoms, and watery eyes are some of the usual signs of the presence of mold. Furthermore, mold removal is quite an expensive and difficult process, too. So, yes, the collected water can start to stink, and it will cause mold.

Now that you know better, be vigilant for any signs of water damage, and do not waste time in dealing with it right away. If you ever require any water damage restoration services in Fort Worth, Texas, give STOP Restoration a call on 682-703-0213 and acquire our professional services.