Reducing the Cost of Your Water Damage Claim

When it comes to flooding and water damage in Fort Worth, Arlington and surrounding areas a professional water restoration company like STOP Restoration is your best option. With that said one of the unfortunate byproducts of the 2021 “great freeze” is that some people are finding that they do not enough insurance coverage to handle water damage and in many cases no coverage for mold. At least when it comes to water damage there are some ways that a property owner can reduce the cost of water damage mitigation, it certainly is not ideal but sometimes a property owner has to do what they can to lower the cost and try to remain within their coverage limits or at least limit out of pocket costs.

What are some of the things a property owner can do to reduce the cost of mitigation? Well here are a few possible options, please keep in mind this only applies to clean potable water floods if your property was impacted by contaminated water, water from the drain system or has sat in the property for more than a day or two you will definitely want a qualified professional to handle the mitigation.

  1. If a considerable amount of the property is impacted and you cannot move the properties contents to a part of the property that was not impacted, you can begin by boxing up the contents and storing them in the garage, in this way you can reduce the amount of labor that STOP restoration will need to dedicate to contents manipulation.

       2. If you know which rooms had water in them you can remove the baseboards in the affected rooms. Moisture often hides behind the baseboards and if not properly dried mold contamination may result. Stop Restoration will under most circumstances remove the baseboards as part of the overall mitigation process, if a property owner does this it will reduce the overall cost of the claim.

     3. Remove the carpet and pad that was wet, remember the wet carpet and pad retain moisture and will slow the drying process within the property. Once the professionals from STOP restoration arrive on-site to begin the professional drying they will need to remove the wet and carpet pad anyway. Carpet and padding cannot be dried without at a minimum removing the carpet padding.

These are just 3 examples of things that a property owner here in the Dallas Fort Worth area can perform that may lower the overall cost of water mitigation before the professionals at Service Team of Professionals arrive on site, if you require additional suggestions give us a call and we can assist (682) 222-1009.