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Which Franchise Branch Should You Start: Fire Damage, Water Damage, Mold Remediation, or Biohazard Cleanup

If you’re intrigued by the intense and rewarding restoration franchise industry, which branch are you most interested in? While the majority of our franchisees start in water damage restoration, there are numerous options and you have the choice of expanding into different branches when you want to.

Let’s unpack some of the main services our franchise offers, and what a day in the life may look like depending on your choice of offerings.

Fire Damage Restoration Components

One of the most severe and potentially devastating property damages comes from fire. Your job as a fire damage restoration expert will be to deduce which type of fire occurred: Protein, complex, natural, or furnace. Based on the type of fire, you’ll create a plan of action for a full recovery.

Full fire damage restoration covers:

  • Ash, smoke, and odor clearing
  • Remediating water damages from firefighting if necessary
  • Removing contents and determining which items are salvageable
  • Conducting structural restoration
  • Treating spaces for smoke odor removal
  • Cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing contents
  • Helping homeowners set their house up to feel like home again

Since some fire services require restoration from water damage, let’s discuss water next.

Water Damage Restoration Components

The restoration process for water damage cannot begin without water mitigation. Depending on the contamination level and source, you’ll create a plan of action for cleanup and recovery based on the situation.

Water mitigation is the process of preventing further damages by:

  • Removing damaged furniture and affected materials (including drywall and flooring)
  • Extracting water and beginning the drying process
  • Inspecting the structural stability of the property
  • Applying tarps and boarding up the property to avoid further weather impacts and vandalism

Water damage restoration can begin after mitigation, which includes:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting any salvageable items with commercial-grade equipment
  • Replacing and repairing walls and flooring
  • Eliminating any hazardous mold growth and ensuring clean air quality
  • Restoring the home or business to its pre-loss condition

Lining up well with water damage services are mold removal needs.

Mold Remediation Components

Sometimes, the growth of mold is evident immediately. In other situations, it may be causing problems out of sight. Moist, dark environments are where mold thrives, and spores can spread by water or air to new locations and reproduce. Therefore, it’s critical to find the source of a mold colony and any subsequent areas it may have spread. Not only can mold infestation lead to structural damages, but it also leads to health problems that we want to help eliminate for our customers.

Mold remediation and damage restoration includes:

  • Inspecting the problem and isolating the source of mold growth
  • Containing the mold to prevent it from continuing to spread
  • Removing mold spores from the air, and mold growth from structures
  • Safely disposing of non-salvageable materials
  • Cleaning and sanitizing any items that are recoverable
  • Repairing damages on the property (walls, flooring, etc.) and restoring to pre-loss condition

Lastly, let’s discuss some of the more potentially stressful services with biohazards.

Biohazard Cleanup Components

Biohazard services also consist of trauma cleanup, and our team strives to provide comforting, sensitive, and professional assistance navigating these trying times. Many insurance policies cover our services, and we guide homeowners through the claim process, communicating with insurance companies throughout the recovery period.

STOP Restoration’s biohazard cleanup includes containment and control of:

  • Crime scenes
  • Deaths in homes or businesses
  • Meth labs & other drug labs
  • Human decomposition
  • Trauma scenes
  • Animal infestations
  • Feces removal
  • Hoarding situations

Restoration Industry Options

Though many of the branches in property restoration overlap (i.e., fire damage can encompass water and smoke damage, and water damage can bring mold remediation services), as a franchisor with STOP Restoration FranDev, you have choices.

Are you interested in learning more about the branches of the franchise industry and how you can make a major impact on the livelihood of those in your community? Contact us today!


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