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Contaminated Water Cleanup by Skilled Professionals

When a sewer backs up or a toilet overflows, water can flood in from outdoors and the resulting mess likely contains bacteria, viruses, or other dangerous microbes that threaten the health and safety of you and your family. Trust STOP Restoration to be on call 24/7, ready to clean up the mess. Our STOP Restoration technicians are highly trained and certified in local and industry standards and best practices. We’ll arrive promptly to assess the situation and develop an efficient and effective cleanup strategy for the situation, allowing you and your family to get back to your normal routine.

Water in the home or business falls into one of three categories:

  • Clean water – potable water from the tap or other clean sources; safe to drink
  • Gray water – wastewater not contaminated by fecal matter; may cause illness
  • Black water – highly contaminated water; drinking or contact likely to cause illness

Even clean water has the potential to become gray or black water very quickly if a disaster is left untreated for very long. Standing water creates a welcoming environment for hazardous bacteria, mold, and microbial growth, which in turn may contaminate your belongings or, in some cases, become airborne.

STOP Restoration has more than four decades of experience to return your home or commercial property to safety as quickly as possible. Our skilled professionals are adept at taking much of the stress out of an otherwise traumatic situation, thanks to superior customer service, prompt and professional procedures, and results that are second to none.

Dealing with contaminated water? Trust STOP Restoration for expert sewage cleanup services. Call (844) 500-4775 right away!

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