4 Signs of Water Damage in Your Home

Whether it is a leaking pipe, clogged drain, or an overflowing sink, water damage is a threat to your home's stability. Not only that, but it can become a serious health hazard if left untreated for extended periods of time. To make sure that you detect water damage at an early stage, we have compiled a list of the top four signs of water damage in your home in this blog. So, without further ado, let's begin.

1. Visible Mold

Though what might begin as nearly invisible black or brown spots on the walls of your home, mold can be toxic and dangerous to your health and the foundation of your home. Mold is one of the most hazardous yet easily neglected signs of severe water damage. Mold can be a lethal fungus that thrives in a dark and damp environment. Therefore, it is advised to reach out to the STOP Restoration of Spokane professionals as soon as you spot mold in your home. Our trained professionals will take all the safety measures and use appropriate protective gear, containment and equipment to eliminate the source of mold, restoring your home to its safe state.

2. Damp or Musty Scent

A musty odor is an important indicator of water damage. Mold and moisture are the two leading causes of musty odors. Even in the absence of obvious mold development, musty odors can nevertheless exist. A musty or moldy smell is caused by a mixture of moisture, poor ventilation, and darkness. Eliminating the odor won't solve the issue. Before it causes any harm, call the STOP Restoration of Spokane professionals to identify and eliminate the source of any water damage in your property.

3. Visible Wet Spots

Wet stains on the walls of your home are one of the most obvious signs of water damage. These dark stains often occur within 24 hours of severe water damage. Therefore, as soon as you locate the damp spots, contact the STOP Restoration of Spokane water damage and restoration professional to determine the source.

4. Bubbling Paint

Caused by moisture seeping through the plaster or drywall, bubbling paint is one of the most prominent signs of water damage in your home. Underlying water leakage can result in the paint stretching to hold the water in the form of bubbles. So, if you notice strange bubbles on your wall, do not pop them. Instead, call the STOP Restoration of Spokane professionals before water damage spreads to the rest of your home!

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