Fire Damage | How Can STOP Restoration of Spokane Help You?

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Small or large, there’s nothing more devastating than a house fire. The destructive flames hold no regard for anyone or anything. The fire will indiscriminately ravage your property quickly after it breaks out. When dealing with fire damage, the only thing that you can do, and you should do, is contact the fire restoration professionals at STOP Restoration of Spokane as soon as possible. Keep reading to learn what to expect from STOP Restoration of Spokane’s fire damage restoration services.

  1. Inspection and Assessment of the Property

Initiating a fire damage restoration plan is way different compared to cleaning up after a party. Fire restoration is a complex process that requires careful assessment and planning. So, after arriving at your property, the STOP Restoration of Spokane professionals will thoroughly inspect the fire-damaged area in order to assess the extent of the damage.

After this, the professionals will sit with you to develop a fire damage restoration plan according to your budget needs. This plan will be made with consideration of the current material value, decreased life expectancy, antique value, sentimental value, and long-term consequences of heat and smoke-related damage.

  1. Securing the Property and Removal of Debris

Once the action plan is ready, it is time to secure the property in order to contain the fire damage. The professionals will now step inside your home to remove, repair, and store the belongings based on their condition. All of the items will then be packed and transported to a safe warehouse. Doing so will not only protect your possessions from theft and decay but also improves accessibility to the damaged areas.

  1. Prevention of Further Damage

Mold, corrosion, and soot are some of the biggest problems you will have to deal with after a fire. This is precisely why water needs to be removed from your property, and it needs to be dried out after the professionals remove the soot. In order to do so, the professionals will use industry-grade dehumidifiers and air movers.

Furthermore, the professionals will strip down all the damaged, dry walls. We will then bring an engineer onboard who will inspect the structural integrity of the property and will request repairs and reconstruction of the weak areas.

  1. Deep Cleaning

Once the property’s foundation is re-strengthened, the fire damage restoration team will move to the most extensive part of the job, the deep clean-up, also known as the smoke repair process. The professionals will start by manually scraping, sanding, and sealing all salvageable burnt surfaces. This will be followed by boarding up, sealing off, and restoring all windows, doors, roofs, siding, and frames of the building. The professionals will ensure that each part of your property will be swept thoroughly, remediated, deodorized, and sanitized.

  1. Restoration

Last but not least, now that your property is fire damage-free. The professionals will put you in touch with trustworthy companies to rebuild, repair, and replace all of your belongings, setting your home like nothing ever happened.

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A fire can ruin more than just your property. If not dealt with professionally, fire damage can end up destroying your quality of life for years to come. Do not forget to contact STOP Restoration of Spokane in your time of need.