What Are the Top 3 Emergency Calls to Restoration Companies After Thanksgiving?

Introduction: Post-Thanksgiving Restoration Emergencies

While Thanksgiving is a time for joy and gratitude, the aftermath of the festivities can bring unforeseen challenges. As families gather and indulge in feasts, certain emergencies may arise that necessitate the expertise of restoration companies. In this guide, we explore the top three emergency calls restoration companies often receive after Thanksgiving.

Chapter 1: Kitchen Disasters and Water Damage

One of the most common post-Thanksgiving emergencies involves kitchen disasters and water damage. From overflowing sinks due to neglected dishes to malfunctioning dishwashers and burst pipes, the kitchen becomes a focal point for water-related incidents. Standing water poses immediate threats, potentially damaging flooring, cabinets, and even seeping into adjacent rooms. Restoration companies are equipped to address water extraction, drying, and restoring affected areas promptly.

Chapter 2: Grease Fires and Smoke Damage

Thanksgiving, with its elaborate cooking preparations, increases the risk of kitchen fires, especially those involving grease. Grease fires can escalate rapidly, causing extensive damage and leaving behind pervasive smoke odors. Restoration companies receive numerous calls post-Thanksgiving for smoke damage restoration. Professionals employ specialized techniques to remove soot, neutralize odors, and restore affected surfaces. Prompt action is crucial to prevent long-term damage and lingering smells.

Chapter 3: Sewer Backups and Plumbing Issues

Thanksgiving gatherings put a strain on plumbing systems, leading to an increase in sewer backups and plumbing emergencies. Improper disposal of leftovers, excessive use of garbage disposals, and the disposal of non-flushable items can contribute to these issues. A sewer backup can result in contaminated water flooding your home, posing severe health risks. Restoration companies specialize in biohazard mitigation, safely removing contaminated water, and restoring the affected areas to a sanitary condition.

Chapter 4: Emergency Tips for Homeowners

In the event of post-Thanksgiving emergencies, homeowners can take some immediate steps before restoration professionals arrive:

  • Water Damage:
    • Turn off the water source if possible.
    • Safely remove valuables and belongings from affected areas.
    • Use towels or mops to absorb excess water.
  • Smoke Damage:
    • Ventilate the area by opening windows and doors.
    • Avoid touching or spreading soot to prevent further damage.
    • Refrain from attempting to clean walls or ceilings without professional guidance.
  • Sewer Backup:
    • Avoid contact with contaminated water.
    • Ventilate the area, and if safe, turn off the water supply to affected fixtures.
    • Evacuate the area and keep pets away.

Conclusion: Proactive Restoration for Post-Thanksgiving Emergencies

Thanksgiving festivities can lead to unexpected emergencies, but prompt and professional restoration services can mitigate the damage effectively. Restoration companies are well-versed in addressing water damage, smoke damage, and sewer backups. Homeowners are encouraged to stay vigilant, take immediate action in emergencies, and seek professional assistance to restore their homes to their pre-emergency condition. By understanding the common post-Thanksgiving restoration needs, homeowners can better prepare for potential challenges and ensure a swift recovery from any unforeseen incidents.