STOP Bakersfield Performs Mold Remediation in Unfinished, Water Damaged Apartment Complex

STOP Bakersfield recently performed a large commercial mold remediation for a local builder/developer. Heavy December rains had caused water damage in a multi-family project that was under construction. The water damage was not properly dried, and mold began to grow in the stacks of drywall and raw subfloor materials. The builder called several mold remediation companies to assess the water damage and mold remediation. STOP Bakersfield consulted with the indoor air quality specialist and they came up with a protocol for mold remediation. STOP was contracted to do the mold remediation.

STOP crews performed mold remediation in 17 unfinished apartment units. They used a combination of mold remediation techniques including chemical treatment, sanding, hepa-vacuuming and sealing. The indoor air quality specialist performed clearance testing.  All units passed inspection and the construction project was able to get back on schedule. 

The developer was very pleased with STOP Bakersfield’s efficient and professional approach to this water damage and mold problem. 

Since 1999, STOP Bakersfield has performed water damage restoration, mold remediation, bio-hazard cleanup, and smoke damage cleanup in thousands of Bakersfield, Taft and Tehachapi homes and businesses.