The Costs of Water Damage

Water damage comes in different shapes and forms and with varying levels of intensity. The costs therefore, will also depend on what kind of water damage has your property sustained. Other factors such as how long the water was there, how many appliances or fixtures were damaged or the amount of water that is involved will all have an effect on the total costs of water damage. Just to give you an idea of the economic costs it might entail, the average water damage restoration costs are $2700, with the low end damages costing around $400 and the high end damage costing over $7500. Let’s examine some of the most common types of water damage and see what are the costs involved in each one of them.

The Clean Water

The source of the damage is clean water in this case. It could be a pipe burst in the kitchen or the bathroom or the ceiling that might leak from excessive rains. This one does not pose any immediate health hazard either. The estimated costs are $3.75 per square foot of damaged area. The clean water will invade your property and the possible damages could be the ones to:

  • Dry wall
  • Ceiling and roof

The dry wall would typically cost between $250 and $750. The dry wall is a typical feature in almost every corner of a finished house. It has to be replaced after it has sustained water damage. Besides the wet paper backer of the wall provides an ideal environment for the mold to grow in.

The ceiling and roof are best left in the hands of the professionals as it requires repairing work. the average cost of repairing a roof or ceiling is $800.

The Gray Water

The gray water is slightly used water. Therefore it carries bacteria and microbes and poses a health risk as well. It could be due to over flowing washing machines, dishwashers or toilets.

This type of water damage is slightly more severe and as a result can cost more than the previous one. National estimates give a figure of $4.5 per square feet of damaged area for the cleanup. Depending on what appliances or furniture or valuables were involved, the cost can vary.

The Black Water

This one is the most severe type of water damage as the water contains harmful contaminants including sewage, pesticides, bacteria, microbes and a number of health hazards. The cause is often natural disasters or the sewage backups and can potentially cost damage to property, furniture, appliances, and even death. It is best left to professionals to handle. The reparation costs of this type of water damage can vary depending on a number of factors. For example the price of a basement drainage repair may cost from $1500 to $10000 post a flooding situation depending on the size of the basement. However, the national estimates for clean up stand at $7 per square foot.

All in all, there are varying costs of water damage that involve a number of factors such as the type if water damage, the fixtures, furniture or appliances involved, whether a household or a pet sustained an injury etc. the true cost of the water damage can only be assessed taking all such factors into account while the true reparation and restoration costs are best reached at after the professional have thoroughly inspected the damaged area. However, if your residential or commercial property in Fort Worth, Texas, is ever exposed to any kind of damage, STOP is just a call away. Call 682-703-0213 and acquire our professional water damage restoration services in no time.