Posts from June, 2019

  • Things You Need to Know Before Hiring Mold Remediation Services Mold removal can be a tricky business, so it’s best left to the professionals. Considering you may not have the proper equipment at your disposal for mold removal or the proper knowledge to correctly gauge the extent of damage; you could end up costing yourself more than if ... Continue Reading
  • All You Need To Know About Flood Insurance When you’re looking to get flood insurance, the first step is to assess the risk of flooding in your area. Almost 41 million people in the US are exposed to flooding while almost all the areas in Texas are designated high risk flood zones. Apart from the traditional causes ... Continue Reading
  • The Costs of Water Damage Water damage comes in different shapes and forms and with varying levels of intensity. The costs therefore, will also depend on what kind of water damage has your property sustained. Other factors such as how long the water was there, how many appliances or fixtures were ... Continue Reading
  • Tips To Prevent Mold after Water Damage Mold growth is a very likely outcome post a water damage scenario. Therefore now you have to be extra cautious to not provide it viable breeding grounds to thrive in. To effectively prevent mold growth, you need to be well aware of two things. First, what are the conditions ... Continue Reading