The Significance Of Immediate Fire Restoration

You might be under the impression that anything related to fire damage is best left to the professionals, but you may be only partly right. It is true that you need to ensure your safety and stay away from the hazardous environment of a fire damaged property. However, there are a number of reasons that require you to make immediate restoration efforts once the fire has been brought under control. Following are some of the byproducts of fire damage that will continue to harm your property even after the initial fire has been extinguished.

Acidic Soot

While it is hazardous for humans and can cause respiratory restrictions, it damages your property as well. Once the fire has been extinguished, the soot deposits start to settle and cloak all over your property. This will cause the discoloration of all the porous material and the fire damage restoration folk will not be able to help you with it when they arrive.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Within a span of hours after the fire, many of the surfaces will start getting affected by the smoke. This will mean most of your wooden fixtures and furniture will need refurbishing as will the wooden floor. Metallic objects will start to corrode and catch rust soon after the fire if not taken care of immediately. Similarly painted walls will be damaged by the smoke and may turn yellowish while curtain or sheets that were not damaged by the fire will catch permanent stains.

How can immediate fire restoration efforts help?

Carrying out a few quick restoration efforts after the fire has been extinguished can save your property and valuable from sustaining further harm.

Make sure that you’re well equipped and carrying out all the safety measures before you go in. Ensure that you’re wearing respiratory protection (masks), work gloves, long sleeves and pants.


Thorough ventilation of the property will ensure that all the contaminated and hazardous air is driven out so it cannot harm the property anymore while you wait for the remediation services to arrive. Open all the windows and doors and use box fans to force the air out of the house.


Scrub he surfaces that were not damaged by the actual fire but may have been exposed to acidic soot subsequently. You can make use of an alkaline cleaner here that helps to neutralize the acid in the soot.


This may not seem like the best of times to do your dirty laundry, but it will pay off. The bedding, curtains and other any fabric that was not consumed by fire can be damaged by the subsequent smoke and soot. Put them in your washing machine with an alkaline cleaner or take them to professional dry cleaners right away.

All in all, the immediate fire restoration efforts can save you from the subsequent damage to your property and valuables. Therefore it is necessary that you call the fire restoration services as soon as possible. If your residential or commercial property in Fort Worth, Texas, is ever exposed to fire damage, STOP is just a call away. Call 682-703-0213 and acquire our professional water damage restoration services in no time.