How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost

While it depends on a range of factors such as the scale or type of water damage, estimates suggest that on average, it costs about $5100 for water damage restoration. Let’s see where that figure comes from. It costs around $2700 to dry out a water damaged area of your property that had sustained clean water damage. This means that this called for only the drying up of the “clean” water, as no further damage was sustained and no restoration was required.

On the other hand, where there’s been water damage to material such as carpeting or areas such as the drywall, water damage restoration can cost around $7,500 on average. This restoration process will be more comprehensive as it involves water removal, cleanup, drying, decontamination, and sanitization, etc.

Therefore, for the purpose of quoting a range, water damage restoration should cost you anywhere between $2700 and $7500. If you’re located in Arlington, Benbrook or Fort Worth, you can always acquire the professional services of STOP Restoration and ask for an estimate. However, there are a number of other factors that will impact how much it can cost to repair a water damaged area.

Factors That Determine the Cost

One of the major factors that determine the cost of water damage is the category or the type of water damage you’re dealing with.

Categories of Water Damage

There are 3 categories or classes of water damage.

  • Category 1 water damage is when the source of water is clean, such as a leaking faucet or a broken supply pipe, and it is the least expensive to repair.
  • Category 2 water damage involves “gray water,” which is slightly contaminated, as the source of the leak may be a washing machine or a dishwasher.
  • Category 3 is the most expensive type of water damage to repair as this involves “black water,” which can contain bacteria, sewage, and other harmful contaminants or debris.

The Extent of Damage and the Area Affected

Another factor that greatly impacts water damage restoration costs is the extent of the damage. If the damage was curtailed and timely mitigation and restoration efforts were put in place, it will naturally cost less to restore. For example, a leaky roof will require patching up of a small leak in the roof. The water damage in this area will be limited and hence, will cost less.

Similarly, if the drywall, the furniture, or carpeting were not affected due to a leak, the restoration will usually require the cleaning up of the area and will not cost too much to repair.

On the other hand, if the water has seeped into other areas –whatever the category may be– it will cost more to restore. This usually is the case in a flooding situation, where often, the water damages a number of items and many of which have to be discarded. The extent of the damage caused by storm water or natural floods is tremendous, and so are the restoration costs, which can go up to $7800 in some cases.

Some More Estimated Costs for Water Damage Restoration

Drywall restoration costs: $1.40 per sqft

Damaged wall plaster restoration cost: $18.75 per sqft

Hardwood floors restoration costs: $10.45 per sqft

Carpets restoration costs: $5.50 per sqft

Gray water removal cost: $4.50 per sqft

Backed up sewer cleanup cost: $7 per sqft

If you ever require any water damage restoration services in Fort Worth, Texas, give STOP Restoration a call on 682-703-0213. We are equipped with the knowledge, the experience, and the best equipment and requisite tools to carry out water damage restoration.