How do Companies Treat Mold Growth?

You must have heard countless times that treating mold is not a job to do on your own. The most important thing you can do to remove it and prevent it from coming back is to get in touch with a company that professionally deals in mold-removing services.

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From that point onwards, you can take a sigh of relief and trust the expertise of a trained worker that comes to your rescue.

Professional Treatment of Mold Removal

The treatment of mold growth involves certain steps that must be executed properly to eradicate this reoccurring problem once and for all.

Inspect the Situation of Moisture in Your Home

The main cause of mold growth in any home is damp conditions. This is why the first thing a professional mold removal service provider will do is carry out a detailed inspection of your home. They will look beyond surfaces that are easily visible.

The worker will look for any water leakages that are causing the moisture-related problems. This can be from a pipe inside a wall or even from a leaking ceiling.  They will thoroughly inspect your home to find out what the underlying problem is and fix it.

This will ensure that the treatment gives long term results and that mold does not come back.

Estimate the Extent of Contamination

The next step is to find out the extent to which mold has already spread in your home. This will give the service provider a clearer idea of the intensity of the problem. This in turn helps to determine the treatment plan.

 If there is little mold growth present suppose on only one wall of a room then the removal will be quicker and easier.

On the other hand, if there are larger amounts of mold growth present in multiple rooms within flooring and inside walls then this can be a cause of concern. This severe case will require a more extensive treatment.

Remediate Mold Growth

This is the last and final step. This step involves isolating the area, removing mold growth and cleaning contaminated places. Mold growth is treated with various powerful chemicals to kill the fungus. The moldy and wet materials are discarded in plastic bags. You can trust the service provider to do all this.

Final Words

As you can see, mold remediation is a thorough process. This is why you should only choose the best company for this job. After all it is your home that is at stake. So make the right decision and choose STOP Restoration for the job. You’ll surely be thanking us later!