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  • Effects of Water Damage From faulty plumbing to natural disasters, there are many ways through which flooding can damage your home. If this happens to you call STOP Restoration at (509) 818-7744. Flooding in homes is a terrifying situation with devastating effects. You might notice some of the ... Continue Reading
  • What Is a Part of Water Damage Assessment? Water damage is one of the most terrible events which can occur in a home. It not only causes inconvenience but if not handled in time, it can lead to serious structural damage in your home along with damage to your belongings. Assess Water Damage in Your Home If water ... Continue Reading
  • How Do Companies Fix Homes after Storm Damage? A storm can affect your home in many ways. It can damage the walls, floors, carpets, furniture, and may even leave your home flooded. If a storm has damaged your home, restoring your home to a livable condition is not a DIY task. You need to seek the services of a ... Continue Reading
  • The Mold Growth Treatment Process Mold growth is a stubborn problem which can be difficult to tackle on your own. The best thing you can do to successfully get rid of the recurring problem of mold growth in your home is to hire the services of a quality service provider. The remediation process requires ... Continue Reading
  • The Challenges of Controlling Mold Growth after a Storm Mold growth is a big problem many property owners face as an aftermath of storms. The strong winds and heavy rains of a storm lead to permanent damages in properties. Such damages to the structure of homes often results in problems such as leaking roofs. The water damage ... Continue Reading
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