Prevent Mold Growth in Air Ducts

We know it’s green, but it definitely has nothing to do with the luck of the Irish! This first week of March, we’d like to talk about mold. Mold in air ducts and vents is one of the most common HVAC-related issues that American homeowners have to deal with. Mold is a persistent and robust microorganism that can survive and thrive in any environmental condition, and therefore, once it enters your home, it’s not going away until you do something about it.

While mold growth is a year-round annoyance, there are some conditions that can encourage the growth of these fungi. Mold spreads in warm and moist environments more than anything. As such, any area in your home that hosts such conditions will soon become home to mold.

Your air ducts and vents are one of those spaces in your home that harbor these mold-favorable conditions; that is why mold in air ducts and vents is such a widespread problem. Following are some reasons why you need to avoid mold infestation in your home and air ducts.

Why Mold in Air Ducts and Vents Is Bad

Health Hazards of Mold in Air Ducts and Vents

Many people have developed this misconception that mold infestation is only an unattractive yet harmless problem. However, people with weak immune systems and asthma will tell you otherwise. Mold in air ducts, and vents can be blown and spread throughout your house along with the air.

It is important to note that molds may not affect everyone right away, but those who are affected by them can experience symptoms that are very much like allergies. Below are some of the symptoms:

  • lung irritation
  • eye irritation
  • headache
  • wheezing
  • sneezing
  • coughing
  • runny nose and congestion
  • sore throat
  • skin rash

People with weakened immune systems can even fall victim to Lung infections and asthma attacks. For any respiratory disease such as asthma, mold allergies can escalate the condition.

Usually, mold-related health hazards aren't extremely severe and will fade away by themselves. However, in the case, the symptoms persist, seek immediate medical attention.

Other Dangers of Mold Growth in Your Air Ducts and Vents

Mold infestation not only leads to health issues, but it can also potentially damage and degrade your property. Molds are a type of fungus that survives by consuming organic matter such as clothes, wood, paper, leather. Mold infestation in your air ducts can serve as a gateway for mold to enter your home. Once the microorganism manages to settle onto the surfaces within your home, it can eat away at your walls, floors, ceilings, and any other surface that is made of organic material.

In doing this, mold essentially degenerates the interior of your home and, more importantly, compromises the structural integrity of your home by weakening the surfaces on which your house stands. Making matters even worse is the tendency of mold to readily spread to neighboring surfaces if not immediately dealt with.

Keep Your Home Mold-Free!

If you suspect the presence of mold in air ducts and vents, the US Environmental Protection Agency recommends hiring a professional HVAC cleaning company to inspect and eliminate the problem immediately. STOP Restoration of Spokane is a professional restoration company that provides the finest mold removal and mold damage restoration services in the industry. So dial 509-818-7744 and let our experts help you out. For more information, click here.