Overview of All Our Restoration Services | Water Damage, Smoke Damage, Fire Damage, Mold Damage, and Biohazard

When we hear the word “restoration,” the first thought that comes to our mind is the process of fixing something to bring it back to its original state. Whether it is an everyday malfunction such as a broken pipe or water heater, or as dangerous and scary as a winter storm, house fire, or flood, a disaster can strike anytime. No matter how much you prepare for these disasters, you can never fully predict the extent of the damage. This is where restoration services come in. In this article, we will be doing an overview of our restoration services. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

Water Damage Restoration ServiceWater Icon

Water damage is one of the most common problems that affect commercial and residential properties. When dealing with water damage, timing is everything, as the slightest delay and negligence can lead to structural damage and mold growth. After timely arrival on your property, the restoration technicians will evaluate the water damage and make a plan to remove the water and dry your property. Once the water has been removed, the professionals will restore any salvageable items and provide trusted contractors to do the necessary reconstruction to get your life back to normal.

Fire Damage Restoration ServiceFire Icon

Fire is the scariest of all disasters and can leave dangerous residue and a noxious smoky odor if not dealt with correctly. Whether the source is an electrical malfunction or an unattended candle, fires can cause extensive damage. This is why hiring a fire damage restoration company is recommended for the job. The professionals will provide the following services:

  • Content cleaning
  • Structure cleaning and demolition
  • Board-up
  • Packout and Storage

Smoke Damage Restoration ServiceSmoke Icon

Do you know what the most dangerous thing about a fire is? If your guess is the flames, you may be surprised. While the flames are the main source of destruction, the soot, smoke, and ashes bring real danger. A smoke damage restoration service provider will clean, deodorize, refinish, and restore all hard furnishings in order to protect you from toxic materials. They will assess the smoke damage and create a customized plan to get your life back to normal in no time.

Mold Damage Restoration ServiceMold Logo

Mold can easily reside in properties exposed to water damage and mold can cause health-related issues. With more than a hundred mold species, you will not always know the type of mold you are dealing with. The mold damage remediation process requires delicate handling and professional techniques to remove and disinfect the fungus-infected areas carefully. A restoration service provider will inspect your property for mold and will use industry-grade products and equipment to eliminate mold spores from the property.

Biohazard Restoration ServiceBiohazard Logo

When dealing with trauma and crime scene, critter decontamination, meth lab, and hoarding, the restoration service providers will restore your property discreetly and compassionately. Understanding that biohazard clean-up requires special tools and techniques, the professionals will carefully remove, disinfect, and deodorize the contaminated areas.

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