Signs of a Water Leak in the Bathroom

Finding the source of a Bathroom leak can be difficult. The trouble with that is if left untreated, a water leak can be very costly. Luckily STOP is here to help!

Look for these signs to detect a water leak in your bathroom:

Musty Smell
Old, accumulated water tends to smell and may be a sign of a leaky pipe. Give your bathroom a thorough cleaning. If after you clean it still smells, that should raise a red flag, call your Insurance Agent. They will likely have a recommendation for a highly rated plumber or restoration company.

Recurring mildew or mold
Moisture can form behind decaying grout or caulk or broken tiles. The painted surfaces or wallboard behind that tile is the perfect environment for mold to grow. Since it’s growing from the inside out, wiping this off won’t help. Gaps between caulk, tub and tile can even cause wood rot. If when you touch the tile it moves, there’s water damage back there-it’s time to call a professional.

Peeling paint or deteriorating walls
When drywall absorbs moisture it becomes soft and starts to bubble. The process is often slow, but seek help if you see any visible changes on your walls. Home owners that wait too long end up with more damage in the long run.

Stained ceilings below the bathroom
This could be a sign of major water damage. Though it could be a small leak, be proactive and address it immediately. Small leaks can easily turn into big ones that cost a lot of money.

Spongy or soft floors
If your sub-floor is made of plywood a water leak can rot that material. Wet floors start to feel soft and spongy in some places. If left unattended this can even make your toilet feel unstable and cause it to rock when you sit down. Eventually the flooring system under the bathroom will collapse.

If You Have a Water Leak in your Bathroom

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