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Whether you’re on the road to reopening or ready to have another full cleaning and disinfecting completed, we understand how important the safety of your business is. Of course, the health and safety of your team, returning customers, as well as new customers, has always been your number one priority – but today proves to be more important than ever.

Lucky for you, our STOP Restoration team is here to provide your commercial or residential property with the disinfection and cleaning services needed to help create a safe environment for all those who enter your building.

At STOP Restoration, our team uses hospital-grade disinfectants to clean your property to help protect your local community against the spread of bacteria or viruses. Using projects, equipment, and training that follow CDC guidelines, our team takes the time to ensure your whole area is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. From handrails to computer equipment and other high-touch items, you can rest assured that your whole building will be cleaned and ready for you to reopen.

The STOP Restoration Difference

While there are things you can do at home or your business to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 like routinely wiping down high-touch surfaces and installing air scrubbers and other types of air purifiers, nothing can beat a professional cleaning and disinfecting service.

From handrails to doorknobs, our professional cleaning experts will use cleaning solutions that follow CDC guidelines that activate quickly to target viruses, germs, and bacteria. Our cleaning crews are equipped with the solutions, tools, and knowledge to maximize the cleanliness of your home or office, so you can regain some type of normalcy again with less worry.

Some reasons why business owners choose our disinfection services to include:

  • Professional Crews – You can rest assured knowing that during every service you have completed, it will be completed by a full team of experienced and trained professionals.
  • CDC-Recommended Solutions – Our cleaning services are comprised using the latest guidance for chemical solutions provided by the CDC.
  • Experience & Knowledge – With years of experience and knowledge, our team is here to become your partner in helping ensure your environment is safer for you and your family, team, and visitors!
  • Personalized Cleaning Plans – We understand that cleaning and disinfection services are not a one size fits all solution. Our team will take the time to learn your high-touch and high-traffic areas and unique needs to develop the best cleaning plan for you and your building.

All of our services should be accompanied by normal routine cleaning, as well as frequent cleaning of high-traffic and high-touch areas. When you’re ready to get your business primed to restart and reopen, turn to our team of professionals today! Our professional services ensure that your home or business is getting the care it needs, to help protect yourself, your family, employees, and customers alike.

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