How to Prepare the Pipes at Your Lake Wylie Home for Winter

The team at STOP Restoration Fort Mill wants to make sure your Lake Wylie Home survives the winter, so that you can enjoy it in the spring.

Some lake homes require more insulation around the pipes in crawl spaces, attics, and around outside fixtures. Pipes outside the home like those in pools, fountains, and sprinkler systems are also vulnerable to freeze.

If you’re leaving your Lake Wylie home for the winter, it’s best practice to drain the water from your plumbing system until the spring.

The most important thing is to prevent your pipes from freezing, so that they don’t burst or rupture.

Use the list below to prepare the pipes at your Lake Wylie Home for Winter:


Fountains with above ground pipes should be drained, while those with underground pipes can be kept running.


Sprinkler systems for example should have insulation around any exposed plumbing. Draining any above ground water supply lines is highly recommended.

Garden Hose

Disconnect the garden hose and shut off the water supply to the outside faucet. Faucet covers can be found at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Dish Washers & Washing Machines

If possible, turn off the water supply to dishwashers and washing machines.

Wrap Pipes

Local home repair stores sell insulation designed for pipes. It can be used to insulate exposed pipe outside.


If you’re staying home for the winter, keep the pump running and adjust valves so the water can flow freely through the pipes so that it doesn’t freeze. If that’s not possible with your system, insulate the system.

Remember, unless you’ve drained your home’s entire plumbing system, the thermostat needs to stay above 50 degrees to make sure your indoor plumbing doesn’t freeze.

If you have a pipe burst this winter, call us 24/7 for Emergency Services in Lake Wylie, SC.

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