Fire Damage

  • Keeping Your Pet Safe During a Fire Pets are naturally curious. They knock cups over with their tails, they rearrange the furniture, and turn on cooking equipment. My clumsy pup likes to turn on my Xbox! We don’t recommend leaving a pet alone in a room without first blowing out all the candles. Fires produce a ... Continue Reading
  • How to Remove Soot After a Fire After a fire, soot gets trapped in carpeting and it must be cleaned out. Surfaces or items unharmed by the water damage left behind by firefighting efforts can be saved. Make sure you address the damage immediately. After all, mold can begin to grow just 24-48 hours after ... Continue Reading
  • Fire and Smoke Cleanup in Clover, SC STOP Restoration Fort Mill provides 24/7/365 emergency services for fire and smoke damage. Believe it or not, the greatest damage your home can suffer after a fire is from water. After a fire, your home will suffer smoke, fire, soot and water damage. Your Clover, SC home may ... Continue Reading