• 5 Signs of Mold in Your South Carolina Home Do you suspect you have mold in your York County home? Arm yourself with the tools you need to determine whether you have a mold problem. Moisture creates an ideal environment for mold spores to thrive. Unattended water damage can lead to mold and should be addressed ... Continue Reading
  • What's The Difference Between Air Quality and Mold Testing When we think about pollutants, we think about those found outside. Emissions from combustion processes from cars and gas furnaces come to mind. Indoor quality is just as important to our daily lives! If you smell something musty in your South Carolina home, what will you ... Continue Reading
  • Mold Testing, Cleanup, & Remediation Services in Fort Mill, SC STOP Carolina is a Mold Testing & Remediation company in Fort Mill, SC. Our STOP Restoration would be happy to give you a FREE – NO HASSLE Mold Inspection in York County to determine whether testing, cleanup, or remediation is necessary at your home or business. The U.S. ... Continue Reading
  • Keeping Your Pet Safe During a Fire Pets are naturally curious. They knock cups over with their tails, they rearrange the furniture, and turn on cooking equipment. My clumsy pup likes to turn on my Xbox! We don’t recommend leaving a pet alone in a room without first blowing out all the candles. Fires produce a ... Continue Reading
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing & Indoor Pollutants in York County At STOP Carolina Restoration, we offer indoor air quality testing that investigates common indoor air quality (IAQ) problems including radon gas, mold growth, and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) associated with commercial and residential structures. The common problems ... Continue Reading
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