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Commercial Restoration includes an expansive list of services. However, what matters the most is how the job gets done. At STOP Restoration of Fort Mill, SC, we offer professional, affordable, and efficient commercial restoration services whether you’re a small independent business, a large corporation, or a network of interrelated facilities.

Commercial Restoration Services at STOP Restoration of Fort Mill, SC

Commercial Water Damage Restoration & Repair

Our teams can tackle any water damage, whether it’s caused by sewage backup, a leaking pipe, or flooding. First, we use submersible pumps to draw out the water, then follow up with dehumidifiers and fans to draw out every last bit of moisture. We even check the structural integrity of your property to ensure no secondary damage arises.

Commercial Mold Remediation

If you are struggling with stubborn mold in your warehouse, basement, or facility, our mold remediation experts can help restore the affected space to its normal conditions. We use the latest mold removal technology and offer a free inspection. Then, after we identify the source, we carry out a thorough remediation plan to leave your facility spotless.

Commercial Biohazard Cleanup

Our IICRC-certified experts follow all OSHA and statewide standards for biohazard cleaning. We’re trained and equipped to handle all kinds of biohazards, such as pest contamination, hoarder homes, meth labs, crime and trauma scenes, and more.

Commercial Smoke & Fire Damage Repair

Whether you’ve experienced a kitchen fire, a puffback from your heating system, or even an act of arson, We can repair smoke and fire damage, and help restore your property to its pre-loss state. Using advanced methods, we get rid of the most potent smells, acidic soot, and debris. We also repaint the walls, remove burnt items and provide structural demolition if needed.

Commercial Document Recovery & Restoration

At STOP Restoration of Fort Mill, we have certified and skilled professionals who can recover, restore, and organize valuable data. Documents such as images, videos, magazines, and blueprints are carefully handled and restored.

Commercial Wind & Storm Damage Repair

Our teams will swiftly respond to damage caused by heavy rainfall and storms. First, we extract all standing water, then clear away debris and conduct demolition and repair if needed.

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Maintaining the health and wellbeing of staff and other occupants should be paramount in any business space. Filthy air ducts can dramatically reduce indoor air quality, which is why every business should clean their ducts at least once per year. If you or your staff are having breathing problems from the poor air quality in your facility, our premier duct cleaning services will improve air quality flow, remove unpleasant smells, and help you and your employees stay safe and healthy.

Why STOP Restoration of Fort Mill, SC?

What makes us stand out from our competitors is our focus on providing empathy, compassion and understanding to all customers we encounter. We provide a written action plan and ongoing communication so you never feel left on an island during the restoration process. Moreover, our team consists of experts and technicians who are certified and at the top of their respective fields. They can get the job done swiftly, professionally, and efficiently as well.

We also coordinate with insurance companies to help simplify and streamline the claims process.

We serve a wide array of commercial properties, including offices, apartment complexes, hotels and resorts, retail stores, educational facilities, restaurants, and more! STOP Restoration of Fort Mill, SC has got you covered!

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