Kitchen Fires and Associated Odors

Can’t get rid of that bad smoke or odor? Call STOP Restoration of Fort Worth at 682-703-0213 before you waste too much time or energy trying to air out the room. You should know that opening a window and turning on a fan is not going to accomplish your goals. Kitchen fires, or more specifically those fires that we find in the kitchen as a result of burning food, oil or leaving something in the oven, fall into the category of protein fires. Protein fires are simply fires caused by or resulting in the burning of organic materials, generally food. These fires typically do not cause significant fire damage, though sometimes you will find a scorched back splash or range hood. The problem with protein fires however is the lasting odors that result from them. These resulting odors can permeate a room or building and simply opening the windows will not get rid of the odors. Protein odors will often leave an oily residue on many surfaces inside the kitchen and building, but unfortunately this residue is not easily seen and it gets deposited everywhere. This includes walls, horizontal surfaces, inside cabinets, on knick knacks, HVAC ducts and sometimes behind the walls and inside other rooms.

Removing this type of odor requires specialized cleaning equipment such as dry chem sponges, HVAC ductwork cleaning or replacement, ozone or hydroxyl generators and other cleaning agents. Thankfully STOP Restoration of Fort Worth has the specialty tools techniques and training required to handle the task. So, if you have tried everything you can think of to remove that odor and it simply will not go away, call STOP Restoration and we can get rid of those odors for you. STOP of Fort Worth uses tools such as Hydroxyl Generators to safely remove those odors best of all you do not have to remove your pets, plants or family when we are doing it. A great explanation of how a Hydroxyl Generator works to help remove these deeply imbedded odors can be found here.

There are generally 3 primary steps to removing deeply embedded odors from a structure: first we must identify the source of the odor, second we will remove the source of the odor, and third we will treat the structure. There are several ways to accomplish these three steps in the event of a protein based odor—we will use specialized cleaning equipment to wipe down and clean all exposed surfaces that we can find (this includes but is not limited to cabinets walls, ceilings air ducts etc). Thankfully, most of the time this process leverages dry cleaning equipment so excess water and harsh chemicals are not required. This process is labor intensive but is completely safe for the property and the property owners. While this process is ongoing, we will also leverage advanced equipment like the Hydroxyl generator to penetrate the surfaces of the wood, walls and other materials in the affected area to modify the smoke and odor molecules so that they no longer emit odors.

If you have a fire, smoke flood or bad odors Call STOP Restoration today to begin the restoration process 682-703-0213.