Stop Before You File That Property Claim!

This blog will help you to understand why you should call STOP Restoration of Fort Worth before you file a property claim for any potential claim including water damage, smoke damage or fire damage. It and the associated link outlines some of the pitfalls a property owner faces when making that determination and how STOP Restoration of Fort Worth can help you to make an informed decision before calling that 800 number for your insurance company.

Should you file a property claim, before you do call STOP Restoration at 682-703-0213 at no charge and let us guide you. Water Damage, smoke damage or fire damage—with each type of claim the question is the same: should I file or not file a claim? It does not matter if you have water damage, kitchen fire or smoke damage, property owners need to know whether it makes sense to file a claim or not. This often asked but rarely understood question can have significant financial implications to the property owner. When a property owner has something go wrong, their first instinct is often to file a claim and let the insurance company handle it. Sometimes that is the right course of action, unfortunately sometimes it is not the best course of action.

Once you call the insurance company and file a claim whether it be for water damage, smoke damage or a kitchen fire it can be difficult or impossible to change your mind later. Sometimes filing that water damage claim for example does not help you financially. Is the damage approximately $1200 and you deductible is $1500? Maybe the water damage that you thought was from a leaking pipe is really coming from a backed-up drain, does your insurance policy cover water damage resulting from a backed-up drain? These are questions you should know prior to officially filing that insurance claim. When you file a property claim it will stay with you and the property for years, this claim can affect your insurance rates not only with your existing insurance company but it can affect your ability to obtain insurance and the rates if you were to try and insure your property with another insurer. The thing that people are unaware of is that sometimes that claim will not be covered but it is still on your record. Property owners should make sure it is in their best interest to file a claim before they call their insurer. Once a claim is filed it is filed it is often very difficult or impossible to change your mind later on. Sometimes you will find that the amount of damage will be less than or equal to your deductible, which means you file the claim but receive no financial benefit from it and even worse your insurance rates go up next year. Sometimes a property owner files a claim only to find later on that the particular type of loss or damage is not covered by their policy but the claim will still follow them. Click the following link for more detailed information about the hazards of filing minor claims.

STOP Restoration will conduct a prescreening of the damage with the property owner to provide guidance and understanding of the type and scope of the loss, we will then provide skilled professional input to you and your local agent to facilitate an informed decision with respect to filing a claim or not. This service is conducted at no cost to the property owner and can usually be scheduled the same day. The prescreening can be conducted for most types of insurance losses, including but not limited to water damage, smoke damage, flood damage, fire damage and even mold.

Call STOP Restoration today to schedule your screening 682-703-0213.