Quick Tips for Mold Removal

Mold can be caused by a lot of things – and sadly none of them are good. From health hazards to the sheer ugliness it can grace the walls of your interior with, it is pure nuisance. The only thing that it can logically deserve is to be removed and not given an inch to survive on. Below you will find some of the do it yourself quick tips to remove this unsightly life form out of its misery as soon as you notice it.

Wash Those Shower Curtains

Now that you’ve come across some mold or mildew on your shower curtains, take some time to gross out at the sight of the mold and then get right down to business. Even if it’s a plastic shower curtain it can be spun around in your washing machine. Use a normal amount of detergent on the highest water level. Throw in a few cleaning towels for some extra brushing. Then dry it in the dryer on low heat or air only. Or you can always hang it in the sun to dry as well.

On Fabric

It could be that fateful gym attire or that wet swimming suit or the towels that you left in a dark lonely corner of your room. The mold has now dared to invade your very personal belongings and it will get what it has asked for. You take this battle outside into the sun, brush off the mildew spores with a stiff brush and leave it right there to sun dry. Machine wash the whites using chlorine bleach and pre soak colored clothing in non chlorine bleach for a good 30 minutes. Rinse, launder and sundry afterwards.

On Leather

Mold and mildew can gather on leather surfaces such as your car’s seats, the leather sofa etc. Remove mildew or mold using a brush to scrub it off the leather surface. However, make sure that you take things outside or it will spread mold spores throughout the house in absence of professional equipment to contain them. Afterwards, dip a cloth in a mixture of water and denatured alcohol to wipe the affected area on the leather. Leave it to dry fully.

On Building Structural Materials

Mold located on walls, floors, ceilings, cabinets or studs in a building or home really require the services of a properly equipped and trained mold remediation professional. Most homeowners, general contractors or building maintenance departments do not have tools, equipment or training required to safely and successfully remove mold contamination from a building.

Discard Mold Ridden Material

At times, the best DIY mold removal trick is to get rid of mold gathering material. Especially, when the mold damage is severe or when it sits on things that can be easily discarded. Mold can sit deep into tiny cracks and pores making it extremely difficult to be removed completely. At best, cleaning may slow down mold growth. Therefore, it is wise to discard porous and absorbent materials that sit there gathering mold instead of running a risk of mold spores spreading into the air by trying to clean them.

All in all the above quick tips will allow you to fight the mold at you property without the need for professional assistance and the special tools. However, if you ever happen to face a mold scenario in Fort Worth, Texas, that you feel is getting out of hand, STOP is just a call away. Call 682-703-0213 and acquire our professional mold remediation services.