Mistakes You Can’t Avoid During DIY Mold Removal – So Why Risk It?

For most people, mold is a sight they want to get rid of immediately. They will set out on a mission to clean the mold growing in their house themselves, without giving it second thoughts. Who likes a bad smelling, unsightly property? Nobody does.

If you are observing mold growth in your home, do not get into action just now. It may worsen the condition. People end up making mistakes that aggravate the mold growth so much that they have no option than to hire professionals. Wouldn’t it be wise to save your time, effort, and resource and hire a professional for mold removal from the start?

We have listed down the mistakes that you just can’t avoid making during DIY mold removal.

1.Using Any Cleaning Fluid in Hand

What doesn’t kill the mold makes it stronger. If you use any available cleaning fluid to scrub the mold off an area, you are making a huge mistake. Mold makes use of anything it can to spread its colony and also spread its spores to new locations. When you scrub the area, it may look cleaner but in reality, the mold has spread to a wider area which is not yet visible to you. It would come back stronger.

DIY mold removal may sound simple but it can make your life very difficult. A professional would know which cleaner to use and which cleaning techniques to employ.

2.Scrubbing Something That Is Not Mold

DIY mold removal takes your energy, time, and money. If you see a growth in your home and immediately jump into conclusions that it is mold, you may end up wasting your time, energy, and money. Anything that isn’t mold can be removed by simpler methods. When you are sure that what you are dealing with is mold, you should immediately contact professionals so that mold is treated the right way on the right time.

3.Cleaning the Visible Mold

When you see mold growth on your floor or walls, you should understand that it has now become so widespread that it is visible. Mold prefers places that are damp, dark, and undisturbed. Getting rid of mold that is visible on the surface does not completely remove mold as the growth originates in places that are hidden, such as under the floorboards or behind the walls.

People tend to make this mistake a lot. They treat the visible mold and assume that their problem is solved. What they don’t know is that by disturbing the mold, they provoke the mold to produce more spores that makes the mold infestation bigger and stronger.

4.Exposing Yourself to Mold

Exposure to mold is not good for your health. It looks like harmless, green, natural growth but its spores enter your respiratory tract through inhaling while you are scrubbing it off. People do not cover their eyes, mouth, nose, and hands because they are not aware of proper protocols. This results in serious medical issues.

5.Treating the Source

Like we mentioned earlier, what you see on the surface is not the whole thing. For complete mold removal, it is necessary that the source is cleaned such as underneath the carpets or floorboards. However, if the source is porous and is badly affected, cleaning will not remove the mold completely. The only option that remains is replacing it. Since this is a crucial job, hiring a professional is the best bet you can make.

DIY mold removal is something that is never recommended because of the criticality and risks associated with it.

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