DIY Mold Remediation

Hello from STOP Restoration Fort Worth (682.703.0213) We are committed to the safety and well being of our neighbors in greater Dallas Fort Worth. Keeping that in mind, sometimes property owners want to handle mold remediation on their own; and in Texas, you are able to do just that. Now do it yourself or DIY is not something we recommend for a several reasons: the primary reason being our desire to ensure your household's safety. If you do not have the correct equipment, knowledge and safety equipment the potential exists to make the situation worse by spreading mold contamination throughout your entire property, missing contaminated areas altogether, or exposing the homeowner and family to the real possibility of inhaling mold spores.

In addition, if you elect to have licensed mold remediators like Stop Fort Worth conduct the mold remediation you will be issued a Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation upon completion. The CMDR is a Texas Department of Licensing document that testifies and demonstrates that your mold contamination was properly and completely remediated. This document essentially absolves the homeowner of any liability and transfers any liability to your licensed contractors and consultants. The following link explains in greater detail some of the pros and cons of DIY mold remediation, diy-mold-removal-vs-professional-mold-remediation . If upon reading this document you choose to handle the mold remediation job on your own please contact Stop Fort Worth with questions or for pointers which we will gladly share with you at no charge. Safety is our primary concern as we are certain it is yours. If you choose to hire a State licensed Mold remediator please do not hesitate to contact Stop Fort Worth for a consultation at no charge, we can be reached at 682.703.0213