Is DIY Mold Removal a Good Idea?

A number of homeowners in Texas take special pride in being handy around the house, while others just want to save money by doing things themselves. However, when it comes to mold removal, taking things into your own hands may not always be a smart idea. The internet is flooded with information and tips on DIY (Do It Yourself) mold removal, but that in itself doesn’t prove anything about its effectiveness as a method of mold removal. It comes down to a number of factors that will decide what course of action needs to be taken, and most often, the situation calls for a professional service to take care of the mold damage. There’s a reason that the State of Texas requires licensed professionals to assess and remediate the mold damage. There are instances when homeowners may be able to do it themselves, such as when the area covered is negligible, and it’s an easy to clean surface such as a tile or glass, etc. Even then, it’s always best to acquire professional help for your own piece of mind. In most other cases, it is not such a good idea to do it yourself for the following reasons.

Specialized Knowledge and Equipment Is Required

Special equipment is required to tackle the task of mold remediation effectively. For example, there are air filtration devices that professionals strategically place around the affected area to create negative air pressure by venting the air out through a window. This prevents any outside contaminants from entering the area during the remediation process.

Mold Can Easily Spread

Trying to scrub the mold off the affected area yourself will make it airborne, and the spores will spread across the house, creating more problems for you in the future. Professional equipment such as a HEPA vacuum and other professional containment techniques will be required to save your house from such a fate.

It Is in Hard To Get Places or Can’t Be Detected

There may be mold building up inside the ventilation, heating, or air conditioning systems. At other times, it may be on a wooden surface which cannot be replaced or discarded, so that surface may need to be sanded and isolated first.

In other cases, you may just not be able to detect the mold presence while still experiencing the symptoms. It could be inside the walls, in the crawlspace or under carpets.

In all of these cases, the homeowners lack both the proper equipment as well as the knowledge to carry out an effective mold remediation process themselves.

Health Hazard

Mold poses serious health hazards to those who come in contact with it. It requires safety gear to engage in remediation work. Furthermore, without the proper knowledge or training and professional containment mechanisms in place, it can spread across your property, exposing your household to mold-related health problems.

What’s more, some people already have a severe allergy to mold spores, and they don’t know it yet. DIY mold removal is most likely to bring them into contact with mold spores. Even seemingly simple things, such as getting out of the protective gear, done incorrectly will expose them to mold spores. This will be extremely dangerous for those with allergies or with a suppressed immune system.

At the end of the day, mold remediation is best left to professionals as they can efficiently take care of the problem and save you all the hassle and health risks of doing it yourself. If your residential or commercial property in Fort Worth, Texas, is ever exposed to mold damage, STOP is just a call away. Call 682-703-0213 and acquire our professional mold remediation services in no time and at the best possible rates.