Preserving Treasures: The Art of Content Cleaning After Fire Damage

The aftermath of a fire, whether at home or in a business, can be overwhelming. While the impact can be devastating, not all hope is lost. At STOP Restoration, we understand the value of your belongings, and our fire damage restoration experts are here to guide you through the intricate process of content cleaning and restoration.


Recovery for Belongings

Fires may vary in size, but their impact on personal and valuable items can be profound. Our fire damage restoration specialists at STOP Restoration possess the expertise to assess the contents within affected areas. We carefully evaluate what can be salvaged and restored to its pre-loss condition and identify items that might need replacement.


Factors taken into consideration include:

  • Replacement cost or value
  • Sentimental and emotional significance
  • Antique or collectible value
  • Restoration Potential

Items that haven't been directly damaged by flames or extreme heat can often be restored. Drawing on more than four decades of fire damage restoration and contents restoration experience, the STOP Restoration team knows what it takes to bring items back to life. We employ specialized products and tools to tailor our cleaning methods to each unique item, based on its condition, material composition, and the extent of damage. Additionally, we're equipped to perform deodorization services to eliminate lingering smoky odors.


Comprehensive Approach

If certain items need offsite restoration while we focus on structural recovery, you can trust us to manage the entire process. From packing and restoring to storing your contents, we ensure their safekeeping until they're ready to return to your possession.


Compliance and Collaboration

Safety is our utmost priority. We adhere to all OSHA safety standards and restoration guidelines, including those established by the Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Our commitment extends to surpassing your expectations while minimizing disruptions to your life. We're prepared to collaborate with your insurance company, offering professional insights into items that may not be salvageable or restorable.


In times of distress, the preservation of your treasures becomes our mission. At STOP Restoration, we're not only restoring your property; we're restoring your peace of mind. Trust in our expertise to navigate the delicate process of content cleaning after fire damage, so you can focus on the path to recovery.