STOP Smoke and Fire Damage

If you’ve ever seen the aftermath of a house fire, you’ve seem the charred contents, melted appliances, and the thick layer of black smoke covering everything. Once flames are out, the immediate threat is over. However the danger isn’t over. A house fire can cause structural damage that makes a building unsafe to inhabit. Walls, ceilings, and floors can be compromised and unable to support the weight of the structure. If they didn’t collapse during the fire, portions of the building may collapse without warning, crushing anything that may be in the way.

Smoke damage goes beyond the black smoke you can see. When materials burn, chemicals are released into the air. These chemicals are carried in the smoke that travels throughout the entire home. The chemicals in the smoke are transferred to everything the smoke touches; furniture, clothing, insulation, ducting, walls, you name it. Without proper protective equipment, exposure to toxic smoke residue during fire damage restoration can cause new or worsen existing health problems. We are able to see and smell the smoke, but the real problem is in the chemical makeup of the smoke. Toxic smoke can emit fumes from charred materials and cause irritation of the eyes, nose, lungs, and skin. Higher concentrations or long term exposure to house fire smoke can lead to more severe reactions.

Complete smoke and fire damage restoration requires more than a few rags, a fresh coat of paint, and a dumpster. Call STOP Restoration in Spokane, WA to properly restore your home to pre-loss condition. We understand how fire and smoke damage affects an entire building and will remove all traces of smoke and fire damage. Our experienced technicians will systematically clean and restore your home from top to bottom. Give STOP Restoration of Spokane, WA a call. (509) 260-8166

By Brian Clark