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  • STOP Trees from Causing Property Damage Trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape. They provide shade, help clean the air, and give you a place to hang a swing. We rarely think about the problems trees on our property might cause. Recently, one of our neighbors received a letter from their homeowner’s ... Continue Reading
  • STOP Smoke and Fire Damage If you’ve ever seen the aftermath of a house fire, you’ve seem the charred contents, melted appliances, and the thick layer of black smoke covering everything. Once flames are out, the immediate threat is over. However the danger isn’t over. A house fire can cause structural ... Continue Reading
  • STOP Restoration in Spokane, WA gives 3 Important Steps to Prevent Water Damage When You are Away The dream vacation you’ve been planning for is finally here! Suitcase? Check. Boarding Pass? Check. Hotel reservations? Check. Sounds like you’re ready for your big trip. You’ve planned for every possible scenario you could encounter while you’re gone; cat sitter, dog ... Continue Reading
  • STOP of Spokane, WA is a Jack of all Trades… and Master of all too! Fire damage is more than just the damage caused by heat and flames. Fire damage includes water damage, mold damage, and smoke damage. Luckily, STOP Restoration is ready to begin work any time of day or night. Fire, smoke, water and mold don’t care what time of day it is; ... Continue Reading
  • STOP Panicking: Water Damage 1, 2, 3, 4 We know that water belongs in a very few, select areas in our home. What should we do when we find water where it doesn’t belong? Step 1 – Stop the water. If the water leak is coming from an appliance or plumbing fixtures, shut off the water supply. There is usually a small ... Continue Reading
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