STOP Wet Carpet from Smelling Awful

You wouldn’t believe how many people will try to dry their own carpet after a water damage. They’ll open the windows, point every fan in the house at the wet carpet, and check on it several times a day until they decide it is dry. Once they are satisfied, they return to business as usual.

A few days or even weeks later, they’ll call STOP Restoration in Spokane, WA because their carpet “smells really REALLY bad.” Baking soda, Febreze, products marketed as deodorizers, and even professional carpet cleaning may provide temporary relief, but they won’t fix the cause of the problem. Drying only the top layer doesn’t guarantee that the carpet backing and carpet pad are completely dry too!

What many people don’t consider is that carpet and the carpet pad beneath it are full of dust, debris, and microorganisms such as bacteria and mold spores. When moisture is added, these microorganisms become very active within just a couple of days. Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds are released when the microorganisms grow, feed, and multiply. These MVOCs are the course of the awful smells after carpet gets thoroughly drenched.

The whole problem can be avoided by calling STOP Restoration of Spokane, WA at the first signs of water damage. Our expert water damage technicians begin the drying process immediately. Efficient and thorough dry out following water damage ensures that there is less time for microbial growth to take place. Our systematic, professional approach to water damage mitigation makes sure that nothing is left to chance. Call STOP for professional property restoration. (509) 260-8166

By Brian Clark