Flooded Basements – What Are the Causes?

Flooded basements are a nightmare for any homeowner. It not only makes your basement unusable, but it can also cause serious damage to your belongings. Furthermore, it is also a safety and health hazard. Basement flooding can also cause structural and foundational damage to your property, thus decreasing its value. It gives the homeowner a sense of panic and helplessness.

But, what are the main causes of basement flooding?

Is there anything you can do to prevent getting into this situation?

In this blog, you will learn all about the causes of flooded basements and how to tackle the issue.

Causes of Basement Flooding

Basements are more prone to flooding as they are located below the property. Here are some common causes that can cause your basement to flood.

1. Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks are one of the most common reasons for flooding in the basements. It can be anything, a leaking or burst pipe, leaking water heater, leaking water tank or even a leaking waste line. Plumbing issues are the number one reason why many basements flood. It is important to keep a check on all your plumbing installations that run through the basement. It will prevent any flooding and will give you ample time to react and get the leaks fixed before the damage is done.

2. Leaky Basement Windows

Clogged gutters and flooded yards can fill the window wells with water. This water slowly keeps seeping into the basement. If the issue is not resolved, this can lead to flooding in the basement. It is important to check your basement windows time and again, especially during the rainy season. Make sure your gutters are also not clogged so that your yard doesn’t flood. This will help prevent your basement from flooding.

3. Leaky Basement Foundation

Leaky basement foundation is the most common culprit of basement flooding. Sewer backups, poor yard drainage and too much rain can lead to a leaky foundation. When your foundation is leaking, water will start accumulating in the basement and lead to flooding. If you want to avoid it, then it is best that you fix any leaky basement foundation as soon as you notice a problem. There are several ways to address the root cause of the leaky foundation. Give STOP Restoration a call and we can chat about those.

Get Help

Managing flooded basements is not a DIY task. There are many things to take care of to ensure that the water is removed and that it doesn’t happen again. If you are facing the issue of flooded basements, then you must get in touch with a water damage restoration company. They have experts who will help you do the job professionally.

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