4 Storm Damage Prevention Tips Every Homeowner Must Know

4 Storm Damage Prevention Tips Every Homeowner Must Know

Have you ever experienced storm damage to your house?

If yes, then you know how frustrating it can be.

From minor damages like leaking roofs and flying shingles to major issues like the flooding of the house, storms can quickly turn into a nightmare for every homeowner. If your area often experiences storms and you are tired of the damage to your property each time, then here are some tips you must follow. These simple prevention tips will protect your house from excessive water damage during storms.

Storm Damage Prevention Tips

While it is difficult to protect your property from water damage during storms, there are some prevention tips that can minimize the damage. Follow these tips and save yourself the ordeal and expense of extensive water damage restoration.

1.Keep Your Gutters Clean

Accumulation of water is the main reason for water damage to your property. Many homeowners don’t pay heed to the cleaning of their gutters all year long. Dirt and debris accumulate in the gutters and block the flow of rainwater into the drain. If you want to reduce the chances of extensive water damage to your property, then you must keep your gutters clean.

2.Check for Weak Trees

While trees are great for the environment and give you a nice shade in the summer season, they can be a nightmare during storms. Many weak trees around your house may not be able to withstand the wind pressure. As a result, they break and fall on your property. It not only causes structural damage to your property but can also lead to serious accidents. Therefore, you must check all the trees near your property and cut the weak ones before the storm season approaches. If there are some trees that will not be able to stand strong winds, then it is best to get rid of them.

3.Inspect Your House

It is recommended that you check the foundation of your house regularly, regardless of the storm season. It is especially important in seasons when we receive a lot of precipitation either rainfall or snow. So, check your walls, roofs, doors, windows and every part of the structure to ensure that they are in good shape and condition. If you notice any issues, call experts to check and fix them right away. Especially check for debris, cracks and holes in your roofs and walls. Another place of great importance to check is the foundation of your home for cracks. These things can expose your home and belongings to water and result in serious water damage.

4.Fix Previous Water Damage

Is your roof still leaking from last year’s storm? Or the storm from 2015? Do you see the paint bubbling and cracking on the ceiling? If yes, then you must call an expert water damage restoration company to fix these issues for you. This will prevent any further water damage and your property will withstand the storm without any major damage. Remember, even small cracks in your roof can cause havoc for your property when the storm arrives. So, do everything that you can to prevent water damage and save your property from costly repairs.

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