How Do Companies Fix Homes after Storm Damage?

A storm can affect your home in many ways. It can damage the walls, floors, carpets, furniture, and may even leave your home flooded. If a storm has damaged your home, restoring your home to a livable condition is not a DIY task. You need to seek the services of a professional water restoration company who can help restore your home to its pre-damage condition. Here is how a professional company will fix your home after a storm has damaged it:


The restoration process always starts with an inspection. A professional team will assess the damage to your home caused by the storm. They not only assess the damage to the interior of the house. Instead they also thoroughly inspect the yard, exterior, sewer system and other plumbing fixtures around the home. Thorough inspection by professionals will help identify the extent of damage. It will also help the restoration company choose the right equipment they need to bring your home back to its pre-damage condition.


Typically, the restoration process begins with the removal of all movable objects including furniture, carpets, and other objects. Once the area is clear, the next step depends on the extent of damage.

In case of flooding, the restoration process starts with the removal of the water still in the home. This involves the use of heavy vacuums and pumping machinery to remove the water from the house. Once the bulk of the water is removed then the areas of the home that may need to have some demolition work performed will be addressed. After demolition is is very important to do through cleaning of the affected area. This ensures that if there are contaminates that were brought indoors by the water they are cleaned and removed before everything is put back together. Then comes the drying process. This is typically accomplished with air movement, heat and dehumidification. This is important to clear up all the moisture trapped in the furniture, floors, walls, and ceilings. It can take up to several weeks before the house completely dries.


Once all the wet building material are dry, a professional company will use specialized techniques to clean other reusable items in your home. This involves sanitizing carpets and clothes to prevent the growth of molds in the future.

The last and the most crucial step is restoration. The process involves replacing insulation, drywall, paint and flooring. In case of more severe damage, the restoration process involves reconstruction and repair of walls, doors, and other plumbing fixtures.

Restoring Homes in Spokane County

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